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"How do I know how well I am coaching?"

Having a space to explore the answer to the above question and other questions about your practice, your clients, sponsors and the relationships that you build with them is important and invaluable. Supervision offers you a safe and confidential space for reflection, exploration and growth.

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Helping You Coach at Your Best

Unlock Your Full Potential.

Increase Your Impact.

If you feel like something is missing from your coaching or there is more to it than what you are currently doing, you would most likely benefit from a space where you can reflect on your current work, on new ideas, models, tools, and solutions that you can incorporate in your work.

Do you want to increase your confidence in your coaching skills?

Do you want an experienced partner to reflect on your challenges and successes in coaching?

Is making an impact for your clients a priority for you?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, let's talk and see if we are a good fit .

Professional Development

Supervision plays a key role in ensuring good practice and high quality coaching service.

Confidence & Impact

Supervision increases self-awareness, confidence and as a result enhances the impact on clients.

Happiness & Wellbeing

Supervision offers a space to reflect and take care of your happiness and wellbeing as a coach.

Professional Standards

Supervision supports with ethical issues and helps maintain high standards of the coaching profession.

What Is Coaching Supervision?

Supervision is a safe place where we partner up with you (the coach) to reflect and explore the practice, tasks, processes, challenges and achievements of your coaching work and your well-being. It is a space where you can gain confidence and increased self-awareness, also unleash your creativity to ensure the best possible service to your coaching clients.

Coaching supervision enables increased objectivity towards what the client brings in a session, increases your resourcefulness as a coach and gives you a heightened sense of belonging reducing any feelings of isolation that you might experience from time to time due to the nature of the coaching work.

Benefits of Supervision:

Improves confidence

Enhances self-awareness

Increases resourcefulness

Increases objectivity in sessions

Provides professional development

Supports critical reflection

Improves happiness & wellbeing

Better client outcomes


Free 30-minute Taster Session

See what supervision can do for you in a powerful half an hour. You will get practical insights that you can implement straight away after the session.

Book a free no obligation session and with no sales pitch at the end.

1:1 Supervision Session

Individual supervision goes deep into the topics and challenges you bring to the sessions. We work together for a minimum of 6 months with you having the flexibility to choose the frequency of the sessions.

Group Supervision Session

In group supervision you learn from the group as well as from your own reflections. It is great for accountability and gives you a greater sense of belonging.

Groups are between 4 to 6 coaches.

Supervision for Organisations

Supervision is a great way to ensure high quality and standards for employees who practice coaching within the organisation. A personalised supervision program is designed following a requirements analysis.


I had a wonderful supervision session with Andrea. I left the session feeling truly inspired.

Andrea has the unique ability to provide both practical support as well as a really soothing, enjoyable and explorative session. I felt calm and motivated at the same time which for me is a really winning combination and reflection of Andrea’s supervision style and ability.

I left the session with a range of ideas to implement into my coaching as well as a boost to my own confidence and self-awareness.

On a personal level, Andrea’s personality is warm, friendly, and open.

Thank you so much.

Sohaila H.

I was very pleased to have met Andrea and get confirmation on what I thought I knew about supervision. I very much appreciate Andrea's calm attentive manner and can see that I will learn so much from her as we discuss my professional performance and growth of my practice.

Andrea oozed competence and I realised that although I do like the theory - for me it is all about making learnings practical - so am delighted that this is one of her priorities too. I found the way she spoke about herself, with no bluster but with quiet confidence, very reassuring and will be just what I am looking for in a supervisor.

Celia W.

Andrea is a great coaching supervisor. She's approachable and non-judgmental, a great listener, intuitive and supportive. Andrea shares her skills and wisdom from her established coaching career, and you know you are in safe hands. It's important as a coach to continue to embed your skills, challenge your own practice and make sure you are investing in yourself to get the best results for your clients. Andrea offers the reassurance and gentle challenge that is necessary, and it helps that she is warm and friendly too! Thanks, Andrea!

Sian C.

Who is Supervision For?

Supervision is for coaches at all stages of their development. My supervisee's experience varies from newly qualified coaches to coaches with 20+ years of experience.

If you recognise yourself asking or reflecting on one or more of the below questions and statements, it is very likely that supervision will highly benefit your development as a coach.

• How do I know how effective am I as a coach?

• How do I take my coaching to the next level?

• I feel like the coaching tools that I have are not sufficient

• Should I use a coaching model or my intuition in sessions?

• I feel stuck with a particular client and I want to know how to move them forward.

• I would like to gain clarity on my strengths and areas of development

• There is a blurring of boundaries between me as the coach, client or other parts of the organisation, how do I address this?

• I sometimes wonder if I work outside the contract of my competencies.

• How do I end coaching with a client that is not a good fit?

• I sometimes feel frustrated at a lack of progress by my client.

• I sometimes have a feeling of not being good enough.

Benefits of Supervision:

Improves confidence

Enhances self-awareness

Increases resourcefulness

Unleashes creativity

Increases objectivity in sessions

Provides professional development

Supports critical reflection

Positive impact on clients

Improves happiness & wellbeing

Better client outcomes

Improves client & sponsor relationships

Heightened sense of belonging

Ensures professional high standards


I wasn't sure what to expect from coaching supervision but Andrea was very supportive and made me feel at ease during the session. Andrea takes the time to get to know you and find out what's important to you before diving into the nitty-gritty. Andrea helped me understand my strengths and values and how to align these with my coaching. I had subconsciously written off one of my strengths as a coaching niche as I believed it to be not unique enough. Andrea opened my mind to a new way of thinking around this which has created so many new options for me to explore. Very powerful! Thank you, Andrea. ”

Zara H.

I had a very enriching experience through coaching supervision sessions with Andrea. If you want to be deeply listened to, if you want to receive a few but very sharp pointed questions, and understand the true matter of the change you want to make - Andrea is the perfect supervisor for you.

You will benefit from her professionalism as a coach supervisor and ultimately connect to a wonderful human being.

I fully and wholeheartedly recommend working with Andrea. ”

Camelia G.

I was struggling with imposter syndrome as a new coach. After the first session with Andrea, I immediately felt more confident.

She helped me draw on my strengths and see what I was doing well rather than just focussing on the negatives. I left the session with clear ideas and actions to improve the areas I was finding challenging too.

I highly recommend all coaches have a supervisor; I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but Andrea really exceeded my expectations.”

Emily E.

About Andrea

Hi! I am Andrea, a passionate coach and supervisor, with ten years of coaching experience and I am a qualified coaching supervisor. I have a background in financial services and marketing in the corporate world working with people at all levels up to Executives and CEOs.

My passion for coaching has led me to my mission as a supervisor to support coaches in their professional growth and to play my part in ensuring high standards of the coaching profession.

In my sessions, I create a safe and confidential space where you can reflect, think, plan and connect with your feelings.

I will challenge and support you; we will work on fresh ideas and solutions.

As a result of our work together, you will build on your coaching knowledge and skills and most importantly, it will grow your confidence and trust in yourself as a coach.

My supervision and coaching are influenced by positive psychology, solution-focused and existential coaching, however, originally, I have been trained in the GROW model.

Some of the models and tools that I use in my supervision are the 7-Eyed Model of Supervision by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet, the Seven Conversations Model, Systemic Supervision, and approaches from existential coaching, positive psychology and solution-focused.

Find Your Best Self

as a Coach.

Coaching Supervision is more than your development. It is your client's future.

As a coach, you change people's lives, and this impact comes with great responsibility.

Through supervision, I will help you be the best coach you can be.

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